Frequently Asked Questions

Due to Wyton on the Hill being a unique estate with a high turnover of residents, it is inevitable that the same few questions are raised at each of our meetings. We hope that the information you see below can help answer any questions you may have. If your question doesn't feature on our list, please do not hesitate to contact our Clerk. 

  1.  Who lives at Wyton on the HIll?
    1. WOTH is a unique estate, once owned by the MOD, numerous houses were sold off to Annington Homes, these were then sold off to private owners and housing associations. This leaves a mix of residents; military, private home owners, private rentals and council houses.
  2. What can the Parish Council do to get a shop on the estate?
    1. There is nothing that this Parish Council is able to do. Unlike numerous other Parish Counils, WOTH does not own any land. All the land on the estate belongs to our 4 stakeholders; MOD, Wyton Residents Company Ltd, Luminis and Sussex Road Management Company. The only way to get a shop on the estate would be for an individual to approach the MOD to enquire about a lease on one of their vacant properties.
  3. What can the Parish Council do to get a Community Centre on the estate?
    1. The same as getting a shop, there is nothing the Parish Council can do as we have no land of our own. It would be down to our stakeholders to offer a piece of land which could be built on.
  4. Can the Parish Council get us some new play equipment?
    1. The Parish Council does not own any of the playparks. These are currently maintained by the MOD and Wyton Residents Company Ltd.
  5. Who can I report any estate issues to?
    1. Depending on where the estate it is, will determine who owns it. The 4 stakeholders are;
      1. Amey - 0800 707 6000 (option 1)
      2. Preim - 01778 382210
      3. Luminis - 0345 8509994
      4. Sussex Road - 01778 382210